Do you want your script to be produced?
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We’re searching for exceptional feature screenplays in all genre. A Monthly Winner will be selected, one of you will go on to win the Grand Prize – Script to be produced by Lykos Film.


The festival will run on a monthly basis, meaning that a screenplay will be awarded every month. But the real surprise is that during the year the 12 awarded screenplays will be carefully evaluated and the Annual Winner will be produced by LYKOS FILM and directed by Carlo Fusco. In addition to having the advantage of seeing the own script produced, the winner will be entitled to a have a 5% stake on all future incomes.
Best feature lenght script.
Grand Prize - Best Script to be produced
We accept:
- Only Feature Scripts
By submitting your film, take note that:
- Entry fees are non-refundable.
- Multiple entries are allowed for each scriptwriter and each entry has to include a different script
- The scripts must be in English, Italian or Romanian
- All accepted films will receive a "LYKOS FILM Screenplay Competition - Official Selection" laurel.
-Certificates will be provided for monthly competition winners.

We do not accept:
1. Amateur scripts
2. Extremist or propaganda content from religious or political organizations
4. Scripts with a poor language

Rules & Terms
You must own full rights to the script to be considered.

The entry fee must be paid via online using a credit card or debit card only.

Eligibility Requirements
Open to writers of all levels 18 years old or older with internet access. Anyone 16 or 17 years of age must submit a parental consent form along with their submission. Except where prohibited.
Competition open to all creative writers with an original script can enter.

To enter the competition, each participant must submit/and or acknowledge the following materials at the site during the submission period for all categories.

1. Acknowledgement and acceptance of these Official Rules; and
2. Acknowledgement and declaration that the screenplay submitted is your original work.
3. You are submitting the Script voluntarily on a non-confidential basis.
4. You are at least eighteen (18) years of age. 16 or 17 years of age is acceptable with parental consent form attached with the submission.
5. You have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this agreement, and you agree to abide and be bound the terms and conditions herein.
6. Include entry fee.
7. An Original Feature Length Script that feasibly can be produced with an all-in budget of up to euro200.000, oo

.Allowed Submissions
1. Unlimited entries to how many submissions a participant can submit. Each submission must be accompanied with a submission fee. The more submissions you enter, the more chances you have to win.
2. Substitutions or corrected pages will not be accepted after initial script submission. Competition is not responsible for submissions that are incomplete, lost, unintelligible, or misdirected.
3. Any improvement to an already submitted script will not be accepted and no refund will be issued once the script is submitted.

We accept all genre categories.

Script Rights
1. Scripts must not have been previously produced.
2. Participant will inform competition If his or her script is a winner in another competition. Competition reserve the right to disqualify the script.

Participant acknowledges that Producer may have motion pictures and other creative materials in development or production that include ideas, concepts, plots, characters, settings, and themes similar to participant’s screenplay and the participant will not be entitled to any compensation or right to negotiate with sponsor because of any such similarities. Nothing in these official Rules or related materials shall create an implied or express contract to compensate participants for their screenplays, except as specifically described in these official rules.

Script Registration
Competition and Produces recommend that Participants register the Screenplays with the appropriate office within your state or country.

Transfer of script rights
Participants must retain all rights to their Screenplay throughout the Competition, so that if the Participant wins the Grand Prize, Participant can assign rights in and to the Screenplay to Lykos Film to be able to produce the content, free of any limitations, restrictions or third party obligations.

Tecnical Rules:
1. Screenplay must be in standard feature length
2. 12 point Courier font
3. Must be in English, Italian or Romanian.
4. Formatted to industry standard.
5. Must submit script in PDF format ONLY.

- Submissions that do not conform to technical requirements in these official rules will be automatically disqualified with no refunds.
- Each initial submission that satisfies all the requirements in these rules will be reviewed by experienced industry script readers and ranked based on the following criteria on a scale from 10 (poor) to 100 (outstanding), with each professional script reader assigning a score for each of the listed criteria that will be added together to arrive at an average score for the submission.

We will pay attention to:
9. Ability to write a screenplay to be produced for euro 200.000,oo.

The decision cannot be challenged or disputed by anyone who submitted to the competition.
Final Decision to choose the Grand Prize winners will be at the sole discretion of LYKOS FILM.
Competition and Producer have the right to disqualify with no refunds any participant who may have current charges pending against him or her.

Also, If the participant speaks negatively of the competition or sole producer in any way, may be disqualified from the competition, without any refunds.
Producer will request a copy of proof of ownership of the winning script in the form of copyright or WGA registration to be emailed via email to to validate that the writer(s) have 100 percent full ownership to the script submitted into the competition. If the participant fails to provide such document within 14 days of the time the contestant receives the email, then the participant forfeits their position within the competition and will be disqualified with no refunds.

If the winner does not execute the Purchase Agreement for any reason, the winner will be deemed to have forfeited the prize, and producer reserve the right to award the Prize to one of the Category finalists in the Competition as an alternate winner, decision based on producer’s choice.

The Grand Prize will be awarded subject to the condition that the winner is and remains in compliance with the official rules. The prize cannot be substituted, shared, assigned, transferred, or exchanged. If the winner is found to be ineligible or in violation of the representations and warranties in these official rules, winner will forfeit his or her entitlement to the prize.

If the Winner engages in criminal conduct, behavior , including, without limitation, on social media platforms that is obnoxious, inappropriate, threatening, or illegal, or which shocks, insults, or offends a substantial portion of the community or reflects unfavorably on winner and competition in a significant and material way; behavior that is intended to abuse, threaten, or harass any other person, Competition reserves the right to terminate participants right to receive the prize. In either case, producer will determine in producer sole discretion whether to award the prize to the participant next highest score winner or one of the category finalists, or another alternative if such second place winner is disqualified.

Winner will be required to sign and deliver additional documents to confirm Winner’s grant of rights to the Screenplay and other submitted materials to producer (“Additional Documents”). If winner does not complete and return additional Documents within 14 business days after Producer’s (or its designee’s) request, Winner hereby irrevocable appoints Producer as Winner’s attorney in fact with the full power to execute, acknowledge the additional Documents and to record the additional documents in a Copyright Office.

Consent to use Name and Likeness
Except where legally prohibited, each participant grants permission to producer and competition to use participants name, address, photograph, voice, likeness, and prize information for advertising, promotional, or other purposes in all forms of media, known now or developed later, worldwide, without further compensation, notice or permission.

Anyone who submits to our competition are giving permission to LYKOS FILM Screenplay Competition to promote the writer whether they have won a prize or not, to producers, executives, agents, etc in the entertainment business that will help further launch the writers career in the film industry or to simply demonstrate or announce past winners or previous writers who had submitted to LYKOS FILM Screenplay Competition and have excelled and achieved great success within the entertainment industry.

Partners Carlo Fusco – movie director/producer and Ieva Lykos – actress/scriptwriter


Following a nuclear attack, a group of diverse people barricades themselves in a basement to escape from the lethal fallout. Directed by Carlo Fusco Cast Ieva Lykos - Ralph Guzzo - Gianni Alvino - Louis Ramirez Distribution - Adler & Associates Entertainment


A couple of Italo-American journalists go missing during their work assignment in Romania. Directed by Carlo Fusco Cast Michael Madsen - Gouchy Boy - Maia Morgenstern - Paul Sorvino - Abraam Fontana - Andrea Stefancikova


A series of murders opens David’s story, confused memories from when he lived in Sicily, when he wasn’t yet blind and belonged to the Cortello family clan which lorded over the territory. David departs, and on the long train journey back to his roots, he meets Father Leonard, an African-American priest. They have a past and a present in common, and on the train there is also a mysterious woman who plays a part in the priest’s past. Directed by Carlo Fusco Cast Danny Glover - Michael Madsen - John Savage - Steven Bauer Hal Yamanouchi - Luigi Maria Burruano - Anne Jeffreys -Cassandra Gava - Karl Potter


This is the story of Salvatore Giuliano, the most notorious outlaw in Sicilian history, whose brazen actions proved so embarrassing to the authorities that the eventual plot to bring him down - hatched between the Italian government, the Mafia and the foreign intelligence agencies - remains one of Italy's most closely guarded secrets, even more than six decades after Giuliano's alleged death. Directed by Ieva Lykos Distribution Amazon Prime Video


Mafia Movie Directed by Carlo Fusco Cast Franco Nero - Tony Sperandeo - Andrea Iervolino - Antonella Ponziani - Giulia Elettra Gorietti


Piazza Del Governo Vecchio n.9
00030 San Vito Romano ( Rm)


Feauture Film , Short , Documentary



MONTHLY COMPETITION  Future September 2020
Award  Winner    The Minefield  
Written by
Quinn Redeker, Jason Skorski - United States

MONTHLY COMPETITION - Short - October 2020
Award Winner  The Stairway 
Written by
Roberto Parisi -Italy

Future - October 2020
Award Winner The Undying
Written by
Ian Sterchi, Keith Suta, Andrew Wiest - United States

MONTHLY COMPETITION - Short -  November 2020
Award Winner  Ends
Written by
Timothy Paul Coderre - Canada

- Future - November 2020
Award Winner - All That Glitters
Written by
Mike Meier - United States

MONTHLY COMPETITION - Short -  December 2020
Award Winner - Courses , Appeals And...Remorses
Written by
Luciano D. Urietti - Italy

MONTHLY COMPETITION - Future - December 2020
Award Winner - Creta
Written by
George Mastrogiorgis - United States


A New Platform dedicated to short and mini-series.